Active Lifestyle Nutrition Programmes.

Whether you are a Sports Athlete looking for the extra edge, or some one who is always active, you need to keep your body nourished, well balanced and give it all the nutrients it needs. These products provide the foundation for a healthy, nutritional balance and support your active lifestyle. They replenish the valuable nutrients lost through an active lifestyle.

Herbalife nutrition products are used by athletes all over the world.
They are the official nutrition supplier to the London Triathlon.



Product Overview

Lift-off Energy Drink
Formula 1 Nutrition
NRG Natural Raw Guarana




Lift-off Energy Drink


The WOW factor !!


Lift off gives you a boost of energy, it is a unique effervescent energy drink and has unique properties :-

  • Low in calories with no added sugar (9.5 calories / serving).
  • Enriched with B-Vitamins for energy Production
  • Contains Vitamin -C which is known for its antioxidant benefits
  • Contains taurine, an amino acid which help fight fatigue
  • Handy pocket sizes packs you can carry anywhere.
  • Contains caffeine and Guarana to keep you energised.

Send you energy into orbit, Lift-off is a totally unique experience, sample it today and feel the difference.



Formula 1 - Fuel for Your active lifestyle

The Active Body needs balanced nutrition to perform optimally. Formula 1 is created with advanced food technology. This specially formulated, unique blend of ingredients provides easily absorbed high quality soy proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. Optimum nutrition is what sets herbalife products apart from other programmes.

Formula 1 key benefits :-

  • Protein Rich formula, derived from Soy protein
  • Low in saturated and unsaturated Fats
  • Low in calories, high in Nutrition
  • Formula 1 has been developed with advanced food technology, providing a scientifically balanced and easily absorbed source of quality nutrition.
  • Rich in minerals and vitamins, including the antioxidants, Vitamins A C & E that help free radical oxygen molecules and protect the body after exercise.
  • Formula 1 has fructose Compounding to ensure that the nutrients are available to the body cells quickly which is critical in sport for ensuring high sustained energy during exercise

Optimise your protein intake
Formula 1 can be combined with the following products to increase Protein intake:

  1. Personised Protein Powder can be used to increase the protein intake in the shakes, each spoon deliveries 5 grams of high quality plant protein.
  2. Protein Snack bars contain 10 grams of soy protein each and can be used pre/post work outs to build up your Protein intake.

Protein bar
10grams of Soy Protein
Personal Protein Powder
5g of soy protein / spoon

Using Herbalife Nutrition during the Key Phases of exercise and activity.

Fuelling: before exercise

Use Formula 1, diluted in fruit juice, 30 minutes before exercise or workout, providing the body with immediate fuel. Use additional protein powder or protein snack to top up Protein intake.

Refuelling: - During exercise

During exercise refuel every 30 minutes to ensure adequate supply to body cells. As a drink formula 1 requires no digestion. It has fructose fruit sugar compounded with protein (which acts as a mediator stopping the insulin rush) which helps the nutrients go direct to the cells (Sugar drinks have no mediator and create an insulin rush).


Take Formula 1 after heavy work out to help repair muscles and get rid of lactic acid build up.


Consider using Herbalife's Antioxidants products, to support the immune system which may be decreased due to excessive physical exertion.



NRG Natural Raw Guarana

Get more out of each day, with guarana for a sustained lift.

Feel the benefit of 100 % pure Organically Grown Guarana, it is easily absorbed by the body and gets to work quickly, providing a slow, sustainable release for up to six hours.
Guarana seeds contain multiple phytochemicals, healthful saponins, energising xanthines, regulating tannins. What other herbal product offers such positive non-toxic safe and effective properties. Add to your daily vitality with NRG.

Images used with permission of Herbalife International Inc.(c) 2010


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