Here are some of the many success stories which have been achieved with us over the last number of years. These photos are reproduced with the kind permission of some of our clients, they may inspire people to make the decision to try herbalife for themselves.

These clients had the following in common:

1. They availed of the weekly check in service for both weight and measurement results to ensure the programme was been followed correctly, giving effective results.
2. The clients used the programmes that we recommended for them, based on their wellness evaluation.

Ariana Larkin from Offaly

Ariana before Herbalife  
Ariana after Herbalife  

Ariana tried for years to loose weight, it was always a dream of her's to be size 10-12.
Ariana started the Herbalife weight loss programme after having baby Jamie in September 2005, in total Arian lost 5 stone 4 lbs and 137 inches from all over her body, from September 05 to Early March 06. Initially Ariana's body fat was 47.8 % before starting the programme; it reduced to 32.7 % in March which is in the healthy zone for body fat. Dress size reduction was from size 20- 22 to size 10, amazing result. Ariana still loves the herbal beverage.

Sarah Fingelton Carlow

Sarah before Herbalife  
Sarah after Herbalife    

Sarah before taking Herbalife played competitive tennis and hockey, but could not loose weight.
Sarah started the Herbalife weight loss programme and in 5 months Sarah successfully lost over 4 stone and 84 inches from all over her body. Sarah's body fat is now at a healthy 27.9 % .

3 year later Sarah is now maintaining her weight loss and wearing skirts, which she would not dream of before loosing the weight (see above Sarah after 3 years size 10 Skirt). Sarah also enjoys the herbal beverage and nutrition shake before playing tennis or hockey.

Hilary Aughney (H.D.A Vitality.)

Hilary Aughney Carlow

Hilary before Herbalife  
Hilary after 3 weeks on Herbalife  
Hilary 4 years after starting Herbalife

"For years I carried excess weight, size 16 dress size.
I started the Herbalife Weight loss Programme and lost 16 Pounds in 3 weeks 2 days, I also experienced great inch loss and went on to lose 2 stone 7 lbs in 2 months in total .

Over 4 years later, and having had David my son of 18 months I have successfully maintained my great result. I am now in better shape than ever, having recently turned 40. I feel I have more energy than in my twenties."

Annette Furlong Arklow

Annette before Herbalife  
Annette after Herbalife  

"I had tried almost every diet and had being trying to loose weight for more than 16 years. The first week I tried Herbalife I felt much better in myself, less bloated and experienced much more energy. After 3 weeks on the Programme I had lost 1 stone, after 6 weeks I had dropped 1 stone and went on to loose 3 stone in 4 Months.

I also lost a lot of inches from all over my body, 10 inches alone from my mid waist (Tummy).
I have maintained this weight for 4 years; my body fat is now 26.7 % which Is much lower than when I initially started."


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