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Heart Health

Heart Disease is one of the leading causes of death in Ireland; Herbalife has a range of Heart health Products. Including :-


Cardio Vascular Health
Based on the research of Nobel Laureate Dr. Louis Ignarro, Niteworks™ affects circulatory-vessel dilation and elasticity. Blend Niteworks™ powder mix with water or juice for a refreshing lemon-flavour drink. Key active ingredients trigger the production of Nitric Oxide, an important biological messenger that creates a cascade of benefits which can improve the flow of blood to all organs while improving the circulatory and immune-system functions.

Visit www.niteworks.com for more information about Niteworks.

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A valuable Source of OMEGA-3 fats

Unless you go out of your way to eat the correct fat rich foods, then you are unlikely to be getting enough of the essential fats that are vital for optimum health. Herbalifeline is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are good Component of fat that support the natural function of the heart and circulation, they are usually found in oily fish, such as mackerel ,herring, and salmon. So take Herbalifeline to benefit from the fruits of the sea.

Digestive Health

Look after your digestive system, with Products designed to soothe you from the inside, factors like an unhealthy diet or stress can upset your digestion, so give your body the maximum help by trying these beneficial products.

Premium Quality Aloe- Vera

With our busy lifestyle and eating on the run can cause of stomach distress.
By capturing the benefits of the Aloe-Vera plant beverage can help your digestive system, and help eliminate wastes from the body. Made with Premium-quality aloe Vera, it contains naturally occurring beneficial enzymes and vitamins, along with the soothing herbal benefits of chamomile.
Aloe concentrate can also help minimise your sugar intake and increase your water intake.

Aloe is packed with goodness:-
Amino Acids :- Aloe contains 20 of the 22 amino acids and 7 out of 8 essential ones, amino acids are the building blocks of Protein
Enzymes:- which help the breakdown of food sugars and fats, aiding digestion & enhancing nutrient absorption.

Flora Fibre

Many People suffer from mild digestive problems related to poor diet. Flora fibre combines beneficial bacteria with dietary fibre to help promote balance in the intestinal tract.
Without a healthy digestive tract, it is difficult to absorb or utilise nutrients. Florafibre contains lactobacillus acidophilus to help maintain the proper balance of friendly flora in your intestines.
Healthy fibre is also added to this product to provide natural cleansing during digestion.

What are friendly flora and why are they so important
Every Day our bodies are a warm and productive home to millions of bacteria (good and bad); keeping the balance between friendly and unfriendly organisms is what determines a healthy Digestive system.
Signs of poor digestion are bloating, wind, cramps, constipation, headaches, water retention, and weight gain. Introducing significant amounts of friendly flora will help ease the symptoms of a stressed system.


This scientifically advanced formula is derived from all natural ingredients. Scientific and nutritional experts recommend and increased consumption of dietary fibre and a lower intake of saturated fats to help maintain health and regulate weight.
Fibrebond contains a special ingredient to assist the emulsification of fats for digestion and fibre to help flush wastes from the digestive tract.
The recommended daily intake of fibre is 25-35 grams of fibre, our European diet typically deliveries 12-15 grams, you would need to consume the equivalent of 25 slices of wholemeal bread to get 35 grams of fibre.

What is fibre, and what does good fibre do?
Fibre is the indigestible carbohydrate residue found in foods, there are two types, soluble or insoluble, soluble is soft and mushy, for example beans and porridge, insoluble is hard and course, such as wheat bran.
A good intake of dietary fibre reduces the amount of time food spends in the intestinal tract. Dietary fibre can help speed up the passage of food and so assist in the removal of toxins and wastes from the body.
Research shows that lack of fibre in the diet is a factor in many heath challenges.

Anti-oxidant support

Supporting your immune system.

The Schizandra plant helps support the body's ability to use oxygen. The antioxidant ingredients can assist in sports recovery time. This product has also been developed to provide assistance in neutralising free radicals. The key ingredient, Schizandra berry, is a potent, nutrient rich plant which has been highly recognised for centuries.
Schizandra also contains selenium, a valuable nutrient to the body.

Help build a protective inner defence, use Rose Ox to protect yourself from the inside.

Helps protect the body's cells and enhances the benefits of other antioxidants by supporting the immune system. This unique formula creates an antioxidant cascade effect, helping to regenerate other antioxidants and provides a potent, long lasting supplement.
Rose Ox is designed to work synergistically with traditional antioxidants vitamins C, E and carotenoids and help support the bodies' immune system.
Rose Ox herbal formula helps to replenish the precious nutrients lost daily through poor diet, pollution and stress.

Many of the following factors affect your day - to day life

Irregular meals or missing meals, stress, long distance travelling, lack of regular exercise, poor quality sleep, catching cold frequently and slow recovery rates.
Each of these factors allows free radicals to proliferate and weaken the immune system. If you increase your intake of antioxidant rich foods or supplements, your defence against the damage caused by free radicals can be improved.

Calcium - Supporting Strong Bones

Xtra-Cal Tablets offer one of the most concentrated form of Calcium available in a tablet.
Each tablet contains 42 % of your RDA in calcium
(RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance).
It is Also Formulated with other specially chosen Vitamins, Minerals and herbs to further benefit skeletal Health by providing nourishment for bones.

Bone Health
Too much coffee, alcohol, animal protein and fatty food intake call all inhibit absorption of calcium. Xtra-Cal provides a quality top up to ensure the bodies daily requirements are being met.

It is possible, that by the time we are 50, we may have lost as much as 25 % of our bone mass due to Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.
Studies suggest that the main culprit for this is non dairy protein diets, excessive coffee and lack of calcium.
Protein is an acid forming substance, when the body has an excess in acid the body tries to neutralise it with alkaline agents (i.e. calcium and sodium), which then reduces the bodies alkaline reserves. To become less susceptible to Osteoporosis, cut down coffee intake, and ensure adequate intake of calcium (at least 800 mg daily).

Vitamin D and calcium absorption
Only 20 -30 % of the calcium ingested is actually absorbed into the body, while the rest is naturally excreted. Vitamin D is essential to aid the absorption of Calcium.

Healthy Bone Structure
Osteoporotic Bone

Outer Nutrition - Skin Products

Nourish your Skin with Nourifusion Skin care; our premier skin care products offer complete cleansing, toning and moisturising experience, suitable for all skin types. Feed your skin with the vitamins it needs.

Basic Skin care with Nourifusion
Multi vitamin skin care

Multivitamin Cleanser
Choose between Normal to Dry cleansing lotion that contains Olive Oil, Sweet Almond and Jojoba or Normal to Oily foaming gel cleanser with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Oils to effectively remove make-up and dirt.

Multivitamin Toner
Choose between Normal to Dry Toner with Witch Hazel or Normal to Oily with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Oil to effectively reduce the appearance of pores leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh.

Multivitamin Moisturiser SPF 15
Choose between a Normal to Dry creamy, rich day lotion with Avocado, Apricot and Sunflower Oil or a lighter Normal to Oily Non-greasy moisturiser with Willow herb Extract. Both with an SPF of 15 to protect Your skin from the damaging effects of UVA and UVB.

NouriFusion™ Exfoliating Scrub
This gentle facial scrub uses raspberry
and strawberry seeds to gently remove dull, rough, dry skin. Jojoba and beeswax beads smooth and polish the skin, leaving behind a clearer-looking complexion. Skin feels clean, soft and smooth after every use.

NouriFusion™ Clarifying Mask
This clarifying mask, made with orange and eucalyptus oil and witch hazel, will leave oily skin clean, clear and glowing, with an improved texture and tone.

NouriFusion™ Moisture Mask
When your skin feels dry and needs
extra moisture, use this rich, luxurious
mask to gently cleanse, soothe and
moisturise. NouriFusion™ Moisture
Mask, made with willow herb extract,
shea butter and avocado oil, can help
reduce the appearance of dry skin,
improving your complexion and
making your skin feel soft and smooth.

Other products in the Skin care Range include:-

Skin Activator

Herbalife's Skin Activator, Daily replenishing cream uses advanced Technology to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin Activator is Herbalife's best selling outer nutrition product. This advanced face cream uses glucosamine and green Tea to help provide, nourishment and help your skin regain a smoother, firmer, more youthful appearance. Used regularly you should see visible results in a matter of weeks.
This unique line of products are rich in botanical compounds, providing benefits you can see the feel over time.

Healthy Woman / Man

Tang Kuei Herbal Mixture Tablets

Tang Kuei combines Angelica sinensis and Chamomile, providing a superior nutritional tonic, to assist in balancing the body's systems.
Tang Kuei is made from the root of the Angelica sinensis herb. The root is preferred because it provides naturally occurring quantities of calcium which helps to maintain normal muscle tone, B vitamins, iron, magnesium and essential oils. Men and women have known about Tang Kuei for many centuries, using it after strenuous physical exertion to assist relief of Challenges associated with tense, taut muscles.
Women of child-bearing age undergo hormonal changes that may cause a range of minor discomforts. The gentle herbal properties of Tang Kuei encourage the body to restore natural balance.

Male Factor

Male factor contains Potent Herbs especially beneficial to Men: -
Ginseng, Nettle and Oat, Which supports Performance and maintains wellbeing, providing excellent nutritional support The Powerful properties of avena sativa, nettle and ginseng, have been brought together to help increase vitality and provide targeted nutritional support,
Ginseng has been used for centuries, Chinese and Korean Herbalists and is one of the most respected and well-researched herbs in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

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